Welcome to our Machine Embroidery Page
Machine embroidery designs, perfect
for stitching out on all kinds of
projects and also on kaleidoscopes
made from Dazzling Reflections

View our video for details on how to
make your own original artwork.
All files come in the following formats and 4 sizes
Sizes: 4", 5", 6", and 8"
Kaleidoscope Motif 1
Kaleidoscope Motif 2
Kaleidoscope Motif 3
Kaleidoscope Motif 4
Kaleidoscope Motif 5
Kaleidoscope Motif 6
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PHD Motif 1
PHD Motif 2
PHD Motif 3
PHD Motif 4
PHD Motif 5
PHD Motif 6
PHD Motif 7
PHD Motif 8
PHD Motif 9
The following files were used to
create the project on the left:
Kaleidoscope Motif 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Kaleidoscope Motif 5 was used for
the project on the right.
Autumn Leaves
Click image for larger view
Applique Leaf 1
Applique Leaf 2
Applique Leaf 3
Applique Leaf 4
Applique Leaf All
Purchase files individually or SAVE BIG
and purchase the whole collection.

Remember, you get all 4 sizes, 8
embroidery file types and the cutting files.
This video will show you how to prepare and cut your appliqué pattern on a personal
electronic cutting machine, then stitch out on an embroidery machine.

NOTE:  These files will not work on the Cricut as Provo Craft does not allow other companies
to make files for their machines.